Considerable Savings for the same quality options


With the advent of internet era you can be your own tailor, built your wardrobe with your specific style selection and fabrics. For example- The men's dress shirt collar is the most important style detail, both in determining the garment's level of formality and in how it flatters the wearer's face. You can chose among variety of collar patterns according to occasions. This is the biggest advantage whereby you can save a lot of money with very small efforts.

More Selection


When you walk into a ready to wear store, you see merchandise everywhere. But most of this is superfluous, as that what you need or want is usually only a small fraction of what is available. With custom clothing this selection is not a problem, as that your choices are unlimited. What you ask for is made to your specifications; no compromises. The garment you have made is a one-of-kind masterpiece of fabric and thread.

More Customization Options


With a custom made, if you are a tall, short, large, or thin guy, you are free to adjust as many aspects of your garment style as you wish according to your body anatomy.
There are no such things as strange requests; need one sleeve longer than the other (most men's arm are not the same length) - done.
Do you want Bigger Pocket size, Side Adjuster?-done
Do you want to make a statement with a flashy fabric or Contrast - what colour? Custom clothing is just that; Custom.

High Quality Standards


When you have a custom garment created; you are giving a very specific set of instructions. Who wants to realize your vision they work their magic with your chosen fabrics, not a stale cut-out from a factory. Quality is higher because each garment is individually created, Trailed, and tested.

A transparent process with low pressure sales techniques, and finally

Transparency & No Pressure to buy

It's this transparency that makes buying a custom garment great. You design exactly what you want.
Get your Garments Trailed, Tested until you’re convinced and ask for clarification on anything that concerns you in regards to the purchase.
You save a considerable amount of time

Time is Money

Once we have your measurements, it's a snap to reorder with fabric Selection and Styles. Or make minor adjustments in size.