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Customized High-Quality Men’s Wear

Customized High-Quality Men’s Wear by Milordsmenswear


Custom-made Shirts are the easiest way for you to reflect your personal style.

Quality is a main factor, which is gained through many years of experience offered in the creation of a custom-made shirt.

You can choose the fabric, collar, and single or double cuff designs, the shirts can be a slim fit, comfortable or loose fit. So that you can design your perfect men’s shirt with a perfect fit.

But aside from the perfect fit, perhaps the biggest motivation for getting yourself kitted out in a tailor-made shirt is the desire to stand out from the crowd.

An off-the-rack shirt, all be a similar style, fit, and cut. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one man who’s wearing a completely original, custom-made shirt that fits like a glove and looks truly amazing?

A shirt that skims your shoulders perfectly, with sleeves that fit your arms and a collar that neither chokes you nor gapes open round the neck, no extra fabric hanging at the back.

Custom-made tailored shirts are comfortable, stylish, and completely original.


Trousers are the most important part of the outfit as they are the key to comfort at work every day.

Custom-made trouser strength is in the ability to fit. We take into account every single measurement and angle of your body.

You can choose from various cuts such as slim fit, comfortable or loose fit, high waist or low waist, Narrow, etc.

You can choose from various fabrics, different styles of pockets, and waistbands. The Customization option gives the ability to have a personalized look that enhances your outfit.

For off-the-rack trousers, appropriate fit and comfort are a huge challenge and difficult to achieve as they are graded in particular sizes. You then have to alter it according to your size after you purchase it.

Whereas in Custom made trousers cutting of the Fabric is done according to the Individual’s measurement and Style. You can choose cuts that allow freedom of movement, and comfort and do not cause pressure.

The waistband of your custom trousers will never roll over or bunch up. This is due to the full canvas piece we sew inside the waistband.

Make your seat larger or smaller by allowing the proper seat allowance.

You can look more athletic with perfect thigh measurements.

Customized high-quality men's wear

Customized high-quality men’s wear for every individual


A custom-tailored suit is one in which the tailor cuts the suit to flatter the wearer’s best features and diminish any flaws. Such suits are tailored to the wearer’s measurement.

Suits are great for professionals because they last longer with proper care. They are shaped to fit you perfectly.

Business wear suits:

When you wear a business suit you communicate with those around you who are confident and professional.

The Main Three Colours for Suits worn in Business wear are Black, Navy Blue, and Grey (Light and Charcoal Grey). Which are also known as TRAID.

In non-business settings or less formal business contexts, Brown is another Important Colour.

But as everyone has their own choice a person can choose from various Shades according to his body type, height, and preferences.

Wedding Suits:

Get Married in Style with Our Custom Made Suits!

Whether it’s your big day or someone else’s you know, Our Tailor specialises in the exceptional. With craftsmanship, unique personalization, and renowned experience, satisfaction can be guaranteed. That is why we strive to make Wedding suits.

There is a vast range of options when it comes to creating wedding suits, we provide custom-made wedding suits for every individual! From light and simple groomsmen suits to ultra-sleek wedding suits for men.

We offer a wide range of styles, colors, and fabrics, we coordinate with you and provide service and customization until you find the perfect fit for your wedding suit.

Ethnic wear:

Ethnic wear is an integral part of any Indian during festivals.

Outfits like kurta–pajama, waistcoats or bandi jacket, jodhpuri, and sherwani are a few of the most common and prominent ethnic wear that any Indian would never miss during festivals, weddings, or special occasions.

In Ethnic wear choose from a wide range of fabrics and customize your outfit with a contrasting look, Piping, and embroideries with various styles of cuffs, collars, and silhouettes.

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